Funded PhD Opportunity at Northumbria University: Imaging & Imagining Fundamental Science

Based within the innovative BxNU Institute of Contemporary Art partnership between Northumbria University and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, this practice-led Fine Art Studentship will broadly address how inter-disciplinary research might evolve the cultural tools of interpretation, imagination and visualisation to negotiate shifts in Fundamental Science. Emphasis will be placed on areas of science operating at extreme scales and distances (from the macro universe to the subatomic world) that lay-publics often experience as particularly remote. It is expected that the project will pre-suppose the production of knowledge through practice and in so doing challenge the instrumentalisation of art as ‘illustrator’ in the mutual exchange of services that has historically occurred at the interface of arts and science.

In addition to the immediate fields of Fine Art and Fundamental Science, it is anticipated that the research will draw impetus from a broad constituency of disciplines that might include philosophy, human/physical geography, sociology of science and science & technology studies; in this context the studentship will be supported by the practice-led research group, The Cultural Negotiation of Science, where questions of cultural production are addressed across the spectrum of Bio-medical and Fundamental Science, Medical Genetics and Physical Geography.

Research proposals may come with existing collaborators/collaborating institutions, or these can be built as part of the proposed project. Every effort will be made to facilitate relationships with Departments across the University and beyond, utilising the extensive networks of the Principal and supervisory team.

Potential areas of investigation may include but are not limited to:
• The operation of ontological or constructed knowledge in the respective fields of art and science.
• The literal / philosophical limits of imagination and/or representation.
• The role of New Materialism in ethical and political debates
• ‘Citizen Science’ and how this might impact and inform the construction of public understanding, engagement and agency.
• Black-boxing in Science & Technology Studies.
• The various ‘Turns’ (Spatial / Speculative / Performative / Experiential) in the context of scientific knowledge production.
• The contribution of Fundamental Science to an emerging ‘post-human’, ‘post natural’, ‘post-divine’ world.

Eligibility and How to Apply:

Please note eligibility requirement:
• Academic excellence of the proposed student i.e. 2:1 (or equivalent GPA from non-UK universities [preference for 1st class honours]); or a Masters (preference for Merit or above); or APEL evidence of substantial practitioner achievement.
• Appropriate IELTS score, if required.
• Applicants cannot apply for this funding if currently engaged in Doctoral study at Northumbria or elsewhere.

The PhD will be supervised by Prof. Fiona Crisp.

For further details of how to apply, entry requirements and the application form, see:

Deadline for applications: 28 January 2018
Start Date: 1 October 2018


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