Live_Creatrue and Ethereal things

The Live Creature and Ethereal Things – Bringing Physics into the Human Experience took place at Art’s Catalyst, London in October 2017 and comprised a panel of artists and physicists – Suchitra Sebastian (Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge), Tara Shears (University of Liverpool), Nahum Mantra (KOSMICA Institute) and Fiona Crisp (CNoS/Northumbria University) who explored the idea of understanding physics, not through instruments and mathematics, but as biological sensing beings – what the philosopher John Dewey referred to as the ‘live creature’. An audio recording of the event can be listened to on soundcloud.



Coinciding with the exhibition Material Sight at the Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, KOSMICA: Ethereal Things (Sunderland Edition) was a weekend of events exploring our intimate human connection with particle physics and the physics of the universe.



A second event, KOSMICA: Ethereal Things (London Edition) took place to coincide with Material Sight showing at Arts Catalyst, London. You can listen to Nicola Triscott introduce the event along with a presentation by Professor Chamkaur Ghag (UCL) on soundcloud.



Intimate Physics Encounters were workshops that took place alongside both iterations of the Material Sight exhibitions in Sunderland and London. The workshops, along with the KOSMICA events were supported by a ‘Spark Award’ for innovative public outreach awarded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council.