Resources & Further Reading


Material Sight – an 18 minute film, where Fiona Crisp discusses the project Material Sight through looking at the two immersive exhibition installations made for The Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art and Arts Catalyst in 2018.



The Live Creature and Ethereal Things: Physics in Culture – edited by artist Fiona Crisp and curator Nicola Triscott, published by Arts Catalyst – is a collection of texts, images and conversations that present fundamental physics and the physics of the universe as human activities and cultural endeavours. Hard copies of the book can be purchased here. Also available as a free digital download here.




Material Sight: A Sensorium for Fundamental Physics –  a journal article recently published in Artnodes Journal of Art, Science and Technology (Issue 25 2020 Dialogs Between Art and Fundamental Science) that looks back at the conceptual and logistical framework of Material Sight and the paradoxical desire to create a ‘sensorium’ for Fundamental Physics. (Note: to read in English, change language to En. in link)




Negative Capability: Imaging and Imagining Fundamental Science Through Productive Doubt –  a journal article published in the journal GeoHumanities (American Association of Geographers) 2015 that outlines some of the formative thinking behind Material Sight.



Fiona Crisp: Material Sight – is a review by Catherine Spencer in Art Monthly (Issue 416 May 2018) of Material Sight at the Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, 24th March – 13th May 2018.




Fiona Crisp: Material Sight – is an online review by Dave Pritchard in Corridor 8 of Material Sight at the Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, 24th March – 13th May 2018.




Time. Science. Erosion. Evidence: Fiona Crisp– is an interview in Trebuchet Magazine (Issue 6, Time and Space 2019) that looks at how the project Material Sight addressed questions of Time and Space.




CVAN North East Artists Films: Fiona Crisp – is a film commissioned by North East Contemporary Visual Arts Network and launched in partnership with This Is Tomorrow in 2016 that contextualises the aims and ambitions of Material Sight within the Crisp’s wider practice of making large-scale installations that question the limits and capabilities of photography and film.